Michael Werner
Michael Werner sculpture & collages
Michael Werner [1912-89] was born in France, but grew up in Austria [where he was known as Baron Werner Von Alvensleben]. He studied in Paris at Atelier 17, under Stanley Hayter.
From 1938 onwards he lived and worked in the UK.
During the 1950s he was represented by Helen Lessore's Beaux Arts Gallery, where he had 3 one-man exhibitions. From 1960 to his death he was represented by Annely Juda Fine Art [David Hockney's Gallery] where he had 6 one-man exhibitions.
Other important shows include the major retrospective of his 1960s 'pop art' collages at the ICA ,1974 and another retrospective at the Camden Art Centre, London, 1978. 
Memorial shows were held at Annely Juda Fine Art and Louise Hallett Gallery, London in 1989 and TurtleKeys Art Centre in 1996. Group exhibitions include Arts Council, Royal Academy, MOMA [Paris] and Leicester Galleries.
He was a tutor at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham, Bradford College of Art and Watford School of Art. 
His work is included in many public collections: Museum of Modern Art [Los Angeles], Smithsonian Institute [Washington D.C.], New English Library, Oxford, etc. Private collections include: Ernst Gombrich and Roland Penrose.
He is probably best known for his 60s collages, which were much more inventive than those produced by most of his 'Pop-art' contemporaries -  and his sculpture - both figurative and abstract.
Michael Werner  - 'Collage 1', c.1965, mixed media collage on paper

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pop-art collages
Michael Werner - 'Collage 2', c.1965, mixed media collage on paper

Michael Werner - 'Collage 3', c.1965, mixed media collage on paper