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He was born in the USA, later moving to London and became the best known UK sculptor during the first half of the 20th century. Jacob Epstein produced many well known public sculptures during his lifetime and is represented in all the major public collections throughout the world, including MOMA [NY] and Tate Gallery [London].  There are many books on the work of Jacob Epstein including a complete catalogue of his sculpture published in 1987. 

He produced many innovative sculptures during the early part of his career, but is perhaps best known for his bronze heads and figures where he was able to get under the skin of his models and depict their character and soul in a way no other sculptor has managed to achieve. They are not 'just portraits' as many people seem to see them, he captures real life within the sculptures [Lucien Freud uses models for all his paintings, but we don't refer to these as 'just portraits' they are seen as great paintings. Jacob Epstein sculptures should be viewed in the same way - they are actually far greater than Freud's - Rodin could only dream of putting life into his own heads]. Many famous sculptors, including Henry Moore and Giacometti, regarded Epstein as a competent carver, but a great modeller [bronze heads and busts] - he was actually far better than competent as a carver [Rodin could not carve at all, his assistants did it all], but there is no doubt that his modelled bronzes are his greatest achievement .
Why Epstein is out of fashion, is beyond me.
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Jacob Epstein sculpture for sale
                              Jacob Epstein  'Sunita'  [3rd portrait]
                            1926, bronze, ed.6, signed, 58 cm high

                            Provenance: Private collection, Texas;
                                                 Knoedler Gallery, New York;
                                                 Sothebys, 13.12.1961, lot 32;
                                                 Anthony Quinn [US actor];
                                                 Private collection, UK
Literature: The Sculpture of Epstein, E. Silber, Phaidon, 1986, p.159, no.166 [4].

Sunita was Epstein's favourite model and he produced several great portraits of her - he used her [and her son] as models for 'Madonna and Child'.

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                                    Jacob Epstein  'Kathleen'  [1st portrait]
                                         1921, bronze, ed.12, 47 cm high
                                   [mounted on a large green marble base]

Provenance: Private collection, UK; Sothebys 4 November 1959, lot 79; Private collection, USA
Literature: The Sculpture of Epstein, E. Silber, Phaidon, 1986, p.149, pl. 123;
also illustrated in other books on Epstein: Wellington, pl.20; Haskell p.178; Black pl.59e; Epstein autobiography; Buckle pl. 171; Schinman p.74. 

Kathleen later became Epstein's 2nd wife and this is probably his best portrait of her

Price  [including VAT and UK delivery]                                                    £15,000
                                  Sir Jacob Epstein - Nude Study D
                                  1943-5, bronze, ed.6, 34 cm long

Provenance: Leicester Galleries, 1947;
                     Private collection, USA
Literature:  The Sculpture of Epstein, E. Silber, Phaidon, 1986, p.193, pl.344;
                   Buckle, pl.433 

Price [including VAT and UK delivery]                                                   £9850