JACK SIMCOCK [1929-2012]

A superb collection of 40 paintings [all oil on board] will be included in our next auction.
They date from 1956, but most are from his prime period 1965-75.

Simcock is one of the gritty northern painters whose work is instantly recognisable. 
He was born into a coal mining family in Biddulph [Staffordshire] and his paintings are based on his local area Mow Cop - coal coloured and often incorporating ghostly heads and figures.

Piccadilly Gallery [Cork Street, London, W1] held very successful one-man exhibitions of his work every year from 1956 to 1981. They would have carried on longer if he hadn't radically changed style in 1981 to brightly coloured abstracts.

Many museums hold his work, including the Tate Gallery, Manchester Art Gallery, Reading Art Gallery, Government collection, etc.
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In order to permanently record this collection, we have printed a hard-back catalogue - in a numbered limited edition of only 100 - available on Ebay - just search 'Jack Simcock' - or directly from us.