Michael Ayrton [1921-75] -  We specialise in the work of Michael Ayrton and represent the artist's estate.

He began as a painter as one of the UK's 'Neo- Romantic' group of artists, including Graham Sutherland, John Piper and Keith Vaughan. 

In 1954 Ayrton also began to sculpt and is now probably better known as a sculptor. He died at the age of only 54, but still had over 70 one-man exhibitions worldwide [approx. 13 in the USA].

Michael Ayrton sculpture & paintings are held in over 50 public collections throughout the world, including MOMA [NY] and the Tate Gallery [London]. There are several books on Michael Ayrton work and a large biography by Justine Hopkins.
                     MICHAEL AYRTON [1921-75]
                             'Restless Minotaur'
           1963, bronze, ed. 9, 30cm high, cast c.1963
This sculpture will be in our next auction on 6 November
along with several other important Ayrtons

            MICHAEL AYRTON
       Michael Ayrton sculpture
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                      MICHAEL AYRTON - 'Discovery of Nautilus' 
              1969 - bronze & perspex - ed.9 [4/9] - 40 x 57 x 40 cm

Provenance: Private collection, UK [acquired directly from the artist's family]
Literature: 'Michael Ayrton', P.Cannon-Brookes, Birmingham Museums Press, 1978, p.118, pl. 212

The best of Ayrton's larger reflectors [his most original work]

                                            MICHAEL AYRTON [1921-75]
                                                     Reflective Heads 1
                                                       edition of 9 [1/9]
                                                       53 x 33 x 22 cm
Provenance: private collection, UK [acquired directly from the artist's family]
Literature: 'Michael Ayrton', P.Cannon-Brookes, 1977, Birmingham Museums Press
p.120, pl. 120

This is the first and larger of the 2 maquettes for the huge 22 feet high sculpture in Troy Michigan, USA [Ayrton's largest public sculpture]. There is a head on each side of the polished bronze screen, facing in different directions, with a smaller head inside each [see Cannon-Brookes p.119 for a more detailed description and analysis] 

 bronze and reflective perspex
                edition of 9
           51 x 38 x 23 cm

                                           MICHAEL AYRTON [1921-75]
                                                      Small Sentinel
                                                         edition of 9
                                                        29 cm high